Principal Message

Siti-GemalaChildren are GODai??i??s gift. As parents, of course, you would like to take care and prepare them for their life in the future. Choosing an education (school) is one way to prepare our sons and daughters. But keep them from bad things day and night has its own responsibility. Therefore, the concept of Islamic schools with dormitories that we have built may be the perfect solution for parents, because Insya Allah, we will assist in taking care and preparing your loved one to become a person who is ready to live a successful life and be happy in the Hereafter.

The concept of the

school that we offer contained in the pillars of the school curriculum, namely: Islamic Studies, Academic Excellence, Interpersonal Skills, Overseas Programs, Languages, which is accustomed in everyday life, to flow into the head, chest, heart, hands and feet so that our sons and daughters are expected to be a strong person physically and mentally, have broad knowledge, polite but distinct in fighting the truth, and obey Allah and his Prophet, so that they will become the leader who enforce human existence as Khalifatullah fil Ardh where ever they are.

It is an honor for us to having a role in your childrenai??i??s education. I hope the sincerity and dedication of teachers, mursyid-mursyidah, the entire staff and our employees can give satisfying results for the most precious GODai??i??s gift, your sons and daughters.

IISS Principal
Hj. Siti Gemala, M.Si

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