Vision & Mission

Build an international Islamic education based on the Quran and Sunnah Rasul SAW to uphold human existence as Khalifatullah Fil-Ardh.

Building human with Akhlaq-Ul-Karimah, Siddiq, Amanah, Talbligh, Fathanah, Syajaai??i??ah and able to carry Islam as a religion of mercy for the universe, Lillaahi Taai??i??aala.

In order to achieve its vision and mission, IISS carefully monitor and enhance all of its education aspects to provide the best. IISS has 5 education pillars: first is the language as the key of the knowledge. Second is academic excellence that aims to fill the head. Third is an Islamic study that is aims to fill the heart. Forth is interpersonal skill that is aims to adept the use of body instruments and build personality and last is an overseas program that aims to build a global perspective. In its implementation, IIEC educate with love and lead by example, but remain firm and resolute in the attitude.

IISS is an intermoda boarding school, where education is offered in an integrated method. What is education with an integrated method? It is an education which has the following elements:

  • A well-structured schedule that allows efficient and effective teaching
  • Pleasant school atmosphere
  • An integrated education system

There are three languages of instruction in teaching and learning which are English, Arabic, and Indonesian languages. Students can go home once a month in the last week of the month. Parents are allowed to visit every Sunday in accordance with the time allowed. For 2016/2017 academic year, we open Full day class and every students can go home after teaching and learning activities completed in the afternoon.

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